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Originally Posted by Dances_With_Potter View Post
Sutton made her way quickly to the classroom. It looked like she might even be the first on here. She was excited, though, because she was preeeetty sure that History of Magic would not actually require her to USE any magic. At the moment, she was pretty overwhelmed with how behind she really was with her magic.

Striding into the classroom, she made her way over to the Professor. "Hello, Professor. I'm Sutton Piatek... new student," she explained by way of introduction. Once the niceties were finished, she made her way to a desk and sat down, observing the trains in the room and wondering if they'd be talking about the Hogwarts Express today. For some reason, that gave Sutton a really strong feeling of foreboding...
And the first student to enter the class was a Hufflepuff. That wasn't exactly surprising. Their common room was the closest to his floor so they held that slight advantage in History of Magic, but most likely missed out with subject like Astronomy. Raising his head from the train as she introduced herself, Scabior gave her a warm glance."Nice to meet you Miss Piatek."

Originally Posted by FireboltAvis88 View Post
Alyssa quietly walked into the classroom. She smiled when she saw toy trains sitting on top of tracks located between each pair of desks. Alyssa noticed Professor Scabior sitting at his desk on which another train set was placed only this one was actually running along the tracks. Alyssa loved watching toy trains running on its tracks. It reminded her of home where the family would spend hours setting up the train tracks on Christmas Day, so that the train would run around the Christmas Tree and along the miniature town they would set up.

Shaking her head to bring her back to the present, Alyssa walked up to the Professor and greeted him.

"Hello Professor. It is really good to be back in another of your classes." Alyssa smiled in greeting. Then she turned around and picked an empty desk and wondered who would join her. From the way the tables were arranged it looked like whoever sat with her would be partnering up with her.

While Alyssa waited for class to start, she took out her journal and writing materials and placed them on the desk. Then she pulled out her History of Magic textbook and turned the pages to see whether there was anything in that that mentioned the history of the Hogwarts Express and the town of Hogsmeade.
"Hello to you as well, Miss Potter." Could he say the same to having her in his class? Probably. Would he? No. It was Everett Scabior of course.

Originally Posted by Gabrielle View Post
Glenn walked into the classroom and took a seat at an empty table by herself. Perhaps she wasn't the politest student. Anyhow, she didn't really feel like saying hello to Scabior. She raised her eyes to look at the two trains... round and round and round. So, would they be learning about why the train stopped. About why she nearly fell on the train and crashed to the ground from the portkey?

She dragged her rucksack onto the free seat beside her... Hopefully she wouldn't be forced into communication today. The blonde sat back in her seat and kept eyeing the circling Hogwarts Express. Interesting...
Points should be taken off for students to rude to say hello. Scabior would have done it. If he cared enough to. But he didn't. So instead he just stared at the Puff.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Entering the History of Magic classroom, Kurumi felt somewhat...uneasy...but for reasons she was totally unsure of as to why. Her father had mentioned meeting Professor Schirmer and Professor Scabior over the summer at some event and THAT alone alarmed Kurumi beyond belief. Maybe if she walked into the classroom with a bag over her head? No, the man would probably tell her it was an improvement or something and Kurumi really didn't need more flack from the man.

So, into the classroom as calm and collected as possible she went, stepping on a leaf that had come through the window. EEK! Kurumi bent down and scooped up the crumbled bits and tossed them in a rubbish bin before making her way towards the front of the room to take a seat. "Good day, professor," Kurumi said, noticing the trains on display but not commenting on them...especially the Hogwarts Express...brought up too many cringe worthy images at the moment. Namely Alice and her broken leg.

Kurumi quietly slipped into her seat and pulled out her things, lining them up on her desk while she waited.
Hollingbery. See, Scabior did not hate her. She only believed that he did. And after what happened over the summer, he knew for sure that there was at least one Hollingberry that he deeply disliked. "Morning." He offered a stiff nod.

Originally Posted by nups21 View Post
Ira was early. She had gotten done with breakfast and all the other things pretty early this morning. A little surprise considering it was her, but she was actually in the mood for studying History of Magic!

Entering the class, the first thing she noticed was the train. Or trains. Which looked like Hogwarts Express. Oh! So were they gonna discuss the train matters at the start of the term? Ooh! This seemed interesting.

"Good day, Professor Scabior." Ira greeted, before taking a seat somewhere in the middle. Why were the desks all placed so as to be paired? Were they gonna pair off for an activity? Anyways, gathering everything out of her bag and settling it on her desk, she waited for class to start.
"Good day Miss Wilson." Her choice of desk in the middle was actually a good placement. Hm.

Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
History of Magic class....

Alexa had mixed feelings about this one. History had never been her favourite subject and the drawings and crayon marks in her text books could attest to that. The subject just involved so much reading and the last time she checked reading made you dull and boring. SIGH. But she did drag herself here anyway because Sarah said they got to see mermaids last year and she figured something else could happen to distract them from their reading.

Entering the room she was more than a bit puzzled--but very excited to see trains. TRAINS! What would they be doing those those?! Would they run them into each other and see who's makes the biggest explosion????

That. Would. Be. Epic.

"Good morning Professero." Yup, the trains had put her in a great mood so she even flashed him a wide smile before taking a seat in the middle...leaves...


Lex took an extra second to brush the leaves from her desk but felt bad that they were now on the floor. House elves shouldn't have been given extra work..."Professor, why do you have so many leaves in the classroom? Are they apart of the lesson?" Because then she'd have to pick them up and put them back on her desk....
Professero? Was she attempting to start a new trend? And were the leaves part of the lesson? "Do they appear to be part of the lesson?" That was the real question.

Originally Posted by MyPatronusIsaMoose View Post
Yet again one of Oakey's classes that he just did not enjoy one bit. Although if he had to admit it, Professor Scabior did make the class interesting occasionally.

He sulked his way into the class room and took notice of the all the Toy Trains between each desk. "How're you today Professor?" Oakey asked Scabior putting on a sort of smile. He moved to a desk some where near the middle and set his things down beside it watching the Toy Train. Go on Professor Scabior just how are you gonna make a class about trains interesting?
"I am doing well thank you Mister Gunter." Did the kid really expect him to say anythin else? Probably not.

Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Minerva walked into class feeling a bit nervous, she always felt nervous coming into this class. Every since term one Professor Scabiors had a way of making her feel uncomfortable. She looked up when she saw him behind his desk and a.. was that a train on his desk. Hmm interesting Minerva thought being distracted by it for a moment, but then her eyes went back to the professor, "Hello Professor.. " she trailed off and then turned to the student desks. Hmm more trains she thought this was interesting and she thought of what they might be doing for class today as she made her way towards the middle desks, the only class she was ever found not sitting in the front.
"Hello." She received a nod as well.

Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Louisa strolled down from their common room to the first floor, she'd woke up pretty early today to do some extra study and by the time it was class, her brain was all warmed up and her manners were freshly sharped for Scabior. Technically, this professor was the one to take most of Louisa's deducted points over the years. And she didn't hate him yet, she just hated his carelessness about everything other than his teaching.

Anyways, the Ravenclaw walked into the classroom, paused and raised her eyebrows. Trains? That was new. They weren't going to discuss the near history, were they? About when the Hogwarts Express broke down? Hehehe, that'd be fun. She waved at the man, "Hello professor Scabior." And moved to sit on one of the empty desks. Hopefully someone studious would join her instead of a class snoring Reem.
Scabior didn't disagree with the choice of Head Girl this year. He completely disagreed. Louisa Carter had never acted Head Girl material in his classroom. "Miss Carter." That was the real question.

Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Stepping into the History of Magic class, the first thing Emmanuelle noticed was that the window was open, which lead to some leaves being in the room. It was letting in a nice cool breeze, though. So, no comment on the leaves. The second thing she noticed was the train sets that were set up on the pairs of desks. As she got closer to one of the desk pairs, she saw the resemblance between the small train and the Hogwarts Express. Something told her this wasn't a coincidence. "Hello, Professor Scabior," she said, a little less cheerily than she might have otherwise. Please tell me this isn't going to be about a certain event from the beginning of term.... She took her seat, placing her bag on the floor underneath her desk, just so no one would trip on it.
B]"Hello."[/B] Lookie there, he even gave a small wave.

Originally Posted by hjhm View Post
History of Magic..... Boring class. Well, the thought of having to actually study about history is already boring. Plus, memorizing names of old people and old places and old organizations are not part of Juliet's forte. But it's important.... she actually has to remember these things when she takes the History of Magic OWLs and NEWTs.

Walking inside the room, Juliet saw the professor and she also saw a train. What on Merlin's beard will they be talking about today? Something to do with trains? Or transportation, as general. Juliet gave the professor a smile "Good day professor" and then her eyes returned to look at the train again. She then sat down.
A new student. Slytherin too. Hm. "Good day."

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Ella hurried into the History of Magic classroom, bag slung over her shoulder. It didn't seem like she was late so she breathed a quiet sigh of relief. Passing the Professor's desk, the third year eyed the little train curiously before greeting the man. "Nice to see you, Professor." And now to find a seat.

The small blonde made her way to the right side of the classroom, plopping down in the nearest empty set of desks. She placed her bag next to her chair, pulling out her quill and parchment, before observing the train in front of her more closely. Hogwarts Express? Wicked.
Could the same be said in return? Eh. Not to him, and so his response was simple. "I would like to believe that is it always nice for my students to catch some glimps of me in my classes." Touch of sarcasm. It was good. .

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
"Hello, Professor,'' Jory said as he entered the History of Magic classroom. "It's great to see you again.''

He took in the model trains and the tracks. The badger smiled. As side of the fact that they reminded him of the ones he had when he was smaller, they were the smaller versions of the Hogwarts Express.

"Today's gonna be exciting,'' he decided as he went off to take a seat.
Well, if a Puff seemed excited that meant he was doing his job right. Or just that they were too easy to please. Either way;"Hello Mister Stonewall."

Originally Posted by PotterHeadforLife View Post
Kat made her way to History of Magic class. Kat admits that she was never good in history... and memorizing those dates and significant events but at least she tries her best. That's what's important.

She stepped in the classroom and greeted, "Good morning, Professor Scabior," Kat smiled. "How was your summer?" Kat took a seat at her usual place, at the right side. As she sat down, she noticed a toy train and its circular track on her desk. Hmmm... I wonder what the lesson's about. Maybe this is a smaller representation of the Hogwarts Train! Kat thought to herself.
"It was excellent, thank you Miss Hudson." That was the most she, or any student would get out of him about his summer.

Originally Posted by verbain View Post
Theo hurried into History of Magic. He felt that he needed to get into Professor Scabior's good books after the feast situation. He certainly did not want the professors to think that he was a bad egg. Cos he was a good egg. "Hello, Professor. How are YOU today?" And yeah, he'd never usually ask a teacher that.

Cos he never usually cared.

If the lesson was about trains today, Theo took a mental note to brace himself for bordom. He pulled up a seat next to Ella, purely because she was the first of his friends that he could see. "Hey." He said, grinning widely at the blonde.

Uh-huh, Ella would be putting up with a Theodore today. Sorryyyyy.
Oh Theodore. Scabior gave the boy the smallest of smiles. No. He was not going to try to make him cry today so the boy was safe. "I'm doing well, thank you for asking Mister Kinsley."

Originally Posted by Harry174 View Post
Laura walked into the room and smiled. "Good Day Professor." Laura decided then she would be polite like the good child she was. "How are you today?" Laura asked, she was going to show the professor that she was turning over a new leaf.
"I'm well, I'm well. Please take a seat Miss Hyde."

Originally Posted by Meizzner View Post
Nigel just wanted a nap right now. He walked into to class and spotted the most comfortable desk.

"Hello, Professor Scabior"

He then turned and went to the desk he spotted, sat down, and closed his eyes until something interseting happened.
"Mister Barrington, hello." He nodded.

Originally Posted by Poolicious View Post
History of Magic. This class should be interesting considering what he learned in this class in the past two terms.

Messer walked to the HOM classroom, since its in the first floor its not that far from the Hufflepuff common room, so he didn't have to claim so many stairs. With his bag on his shoulder, the third year entered the classroom.

Was that a toy train? Blink. Blink. Blink. He wondered what's the toy train is for.

"Hello Professor Scabior." Messer gave him a polite nod before he went off to find himself an empty seat.
"Hello Mister Messer." He nodded once more.

Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post
Melanie ran down all the stairs from the Gryffindor Common Room. She wasn't even sure if she was going to be late or not but she did know she had taken the wrong turn twice because of the moving staircases. Huffing and puffing, the Gryffindor took a few deep breaths outside of the classroom door to steady her breath. It would be odd to enter the classroom looking like she had been chased by a rabid animal. Melanie steadied her swaying ponytail and walked into the classroom with a smile. History of Magic shouldn't be too hard.

"Hello, Professor," Melanie greeted, before her brown eyes found the scarlet train on his desk.

OH. She knew that train! Melanie had rode it to Hogwarts! And it was so cool with the smoke and everything. She wondered if the professor had programmed the model to break down like the actual train had. Staring at the train for a few more seconds, Melanie moved to take a seat, hearing the crunching of leaves from under her foot as she did so. Leaves? Oh, it was because the window was open... Melanie did wish she brought her hat now, it would be warmer that way... but she hadn't. Melanie sat in a seat somewhat close to the front.

She wanted a good view of the train.
Students just seemed to be pilling in now. Of course. They all just wanted to come at once."Good morning."

Originally Posted by gothicravenclaw View Post
Savannah walk into the class room and walked up to the professor.Hello Professor Scabior
How are you today.Then took her seat next to an empty desk for her sister.
"I'm well thank-." Annd the girl was seated before he even fnished his answer. Interesting.

Originally Posted by the fastest seeker View Post
Cassia entered the classroom with her bag slung over her shoulder. She used to think that history was boring, which it is, but the classes seemed to be interesting. Especially that they had visited that sunk city last term. And because of that Professor Scabior earned his place in Cassia's favorite-lessons list. Though the list is editable.....just saying.

However, when seeing the trains and especially the one which is running on the professor's desk, Cassia grinned widely and got excited right away. Apparently that should be a fun class.

She stepped closer to the professor and beamed at him, "Good day Professor." She fought the urge not to ask him about the trains, but he probably won't answer yet. So better wait for the lesson to start.

The second-year bounced towards one of the chairs and sat down.The seat next to her was vacant someone of her friends can join her or any student. Until then ,Cassia started fiddling with her bags straps because she needed something to occupy her till the lesson starts.
"Good day." He yawned. Maybe afternoon classes would be a good idea?

Originally Posted by prettyme99 View Post
Helen walked into the classroom and observed the surroundings and what everyone else was looking at. She guessed from all the items that they were studying some kind of famous train and she wondered if it was the Hogwarts Express as that was the only magical one she knew.

She took out all her equipment like quills, parchment and textbook and saw that she was sitting next to another fifth year that she had seen in Herbology. She turned to him and said " Hey, I'm Helen. I've seen you around before. You're Jory right? "
Some students just did not say hello. And Scabior did not mind one bit.

Originally Posted by Mad Eye Touz View Post

Aspen paused to LOOK at Scabior, but that was all he got. She'd sent him a letter over the holiday, a request, and she was still wanting her letter from him.

Now was definitely not the time to have a staring contest or battle of wills with the professor. But it WAS the perfect time to have one with the Head Girl.


Aspen chose a seat next to her. Not TOO close though, as Aspen moved her chair to the very, very, very, edge of the desk. In fact, if someone wanted, they could move in the middle of the two Ravenclaw girls. If they wanted.

She pushed the train on their table around on the track juuuuuuuust a little. Just a nudge. Just enough to get it choo-chooing a little. All the while, the bright blue Odessa eyes stared at the Head Girl. Game on.
The older Odessa was looking at him. Scabior looked back. He knew what that look was for. And no, he had not forgotten the letter, but it wasn't all that important either.

Originally Posted by Lockhartian View Post

Enough said.

But when Lottie took one look inside and saw the train, and the magnificent resemblance to one that couldn't finish a journey it was supposed to, she became...interested. So, she greeted as she took a seat, "Good day, Professor," smile, and NO, she wasn't done, "Are you going to explain to us what happened to the train on the way to Hogwarts?" if so, how was that related to History, hmmm??
"Well, I'm not maintenance man, so unfortonately, I don't know exactly what happened. " He had his guesses.

Originally Posted by thelittlestoneever View Post
Juliette walked into the History of Magic classroom, her hopes not all too high. She hated the muggle history she had been subjected to before she came to Hogwarts, but maybe that was because they learned the same thing every year. She could probably recite by heart what she had learned so far in history class. She hoped History of Magic would be different, or this was going to be twice as boring as normal history. Although it was called History of Magic.

Walking to a desk around the back of the room, she heard a soft crunch of leaves under her feet. Leaves? She knew to expect anything at this school, but leaves where not normally in classrooms, even at Hogwarts. She looked down at the browns and reds and greens strewn across the floor. Some where broken by footsteps, some where intact, but they all had the look of something blown in by accident by an open window. A soft breeze confirmed this as it hit her face and made her smile.

She sat down at the empty table she was going to and strewn her bag over the back of the chair she sat down at, noticing a train sitting stationary on her desk. It looked familiar, but she couldn't place where she knew it, and decided it wasn't going to be all that important right now to figure it out. Instead, she looked around the rest of the classroom, and noticed that everyone had these trains, although the one on the professors desk was the only one that was moving. So they lesson was going to be about trains? Magic.... Trains... the Hogwarts Express! Where they going to talk about the train crash this year? Because hearing from older students, this was the first time this had happened. Hopefully they wheren't going to talk about the history of trains, or she was going to fall asleep, head in her hands and textbook open to the wrong page style. It wasn't that she was a bad student or anything either, she just suspected that the history of trains would put any student to sleep.
The no hi count was four. He enjoyed those four. Less work for him.

Originally Posted by xXxPandora View Post
The fourth-year brunette might as well have plummeted to the floor as she entered the History of Magic Classroom with her devastating belief that she was late. A newly found Slytherin friend had rather kept her at the Great Hall longer than she expected. But since everything on their conversation turned out well, she was more of higher spirits to attend today's lesson than the usual.

Oh, haaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii Scabbs. Passing the male Professor, Beezus offered a small bow, "Good day Professor Scabior." she said as she momentarily eyed the chugging train on his desk. Then she wheeled around and saw that each desk had one too, only that, there's wasn't moving. Gah, these brings back fresh memories on what happened during the recent train ride-turned-portkey journey.

She noticed that the desks were now limited to two people only, so she walked towards a familiar figure and settled beside him. "Hello Messer." BEAM. BEAM. MORE BEAMING. He was just so cute! She wanted to ruffle his hairs but she stuck with just staring at his overflowing charisma instead. Hehe.
"Morning." Good day. Hello. She knew the drill basically, and she also got a slight look for the bow. Bowing to him. Hm.

Originally Posted by PhoenixStar View Post
History of Magic...again. Hannah wasn't in a bad or good mood. She was just simply there. She walked in and noticed the leaves on the ground. Ugh! She hated anything out of place. Still it was not her issue so she ignored them. Looking up from the ground she noticed the trains. Hmmm...interesting. She wondered for a moment what the lesson would be about today.

She spotted the professor seated at his desk this time. Getting more lazy as he ages eh? Still she gave him a nod. "Hello professor." Hannah then found her two empty seats and held the other one for her best friend. She wasn't going to let just anybody sit next to her.
The flow of students seemed to stop and the last few were entering one by one."Hello."

Originally Posted by iceblossom22 View Post
Elise almost ran her way down the stairs, totally and utterly convinced that she was late. The common room had been deserted and her watch had stopped working. So she'd ended up bathing, dressing and getting her bag together in record time and even grabbed a granola bar from her drawer.

Breaaaathe, Elise. Inhale, Exhale. Okay, good. Moving into the classroom, she smiled at the chugging train on Professor Scabior's desk. "Good day, professor," she said, dipping her head a little.

And then promptly flopped herself into a chair, her bag still slung over her shoulder.
Being late was unacceptable, but Elise wasn't late. So she probably didn't have to enter his class huffing and puffing."Good day."

Originally Posted by SilverDragon View Post
Silvia quickly made her way to History of Magic. Normally she would have arrived earlier, but she had spent a little longer in the library than she had meant to. But it wasn't like this was her favorite class or anything - though the lessons often were interesting - so not being one of the first there wasn't really a big deal as long as she was on time.

"Hello Professor," she said as she passed his desk, eyeing the train for a moment on the way to her seat. The third year brushed a leaf off her seat before sitting down. Another train model was on her desk. Clearly they would be learning about trains today, probably the Hogwarts express to be more precise.
"Good morning. " Felt like he had said it so many times the words had no meaning left at all. Hm.

Originally Posted by PhoenixStar View Post
History of Magic...again. Hannah wasn't in a bad or good mood. She was just simply there. She walked in and noticed the leaves on the ground. Ugh! She hated anything out of place. Still it was not her issue so she ignored them. Looking up from the ground she noticed the trains. Hmmm...interesting. She wondered for a moment what the lesson would be about today.

She spotted the professor seated at his desk this time. Getting more lazy as he ages eh? Still she gave him a nod. "Hello professor." Hannah then found her two empty seats and held the other one for her best friend. She wasn't going to let just anybody sit next to her.
"Hello, Hello." Was she taking both desks for herself? Well, that would make what she had to do later a big harder for her.

Stealing a quick glance at the clock, Scabior sighed and pushed him self out of his seat. If anyone had not arrived yet, they were late. End of story. "Alright," Scabior cleared his throat, cutting off any little conversations going around the room. Many of them new better than to act out in his class. Usually. "As many of you know I am Professor Scabior and as you all should know this is History of Magic." Alright first years? Was that base covered? Excellent.

"Now a very important thing to note about History of Magic is that its a subject that continuously grows. Things that happened yesterday within the Wizarding community, are considered events in magical history." They could write this down if they wanted to, but they didn't need to. It was just something to keep in mind. History of Magic wasn't just about events that happened one thousand years ago. "With that being said, after hearing about that little bump you lot went through during your ride to Hogwarts this term, I thought it would be interesting to look at that one thing that caused that bump-" He jabbed his thumb behind him to his moving train then to all of theirs. "-the Hogwarts Express."

"So give me some historic facts about the Hogwarts Express."

OOC: Class has officially started (i'll edit in whoever i've missed in this post)! Please no posts announcing late arrivals, as that will result in lost of points. If you want to join in, I encourage you to! Just act as though your character was there all along. You can also discuss answers amongst yourself if you want. The lesson will continue in approximately 10 hours.

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{i'll show you}

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