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By Everett Scabior

I hate coffee. It’s almost the exact equivalent to drinking tar. Hot, dark and bitter, with a strange aroma as well. To make a cup even remotely drinkable you have to add a truckload of things sugar, cream, milk, and even then with all the good stuff mixed in around it, the bitterness still resides.

It’s probably why most members of my family don’t drink that much coffee, we are too bitter already.

I remember a lot about that day. Or perhaps I don’t remember a thing, and much of the events in my head are only fabricated thoughts sewn together to keep the remains of an extremely faded memory.

I was drinking coffee though.

“Are you awake?” My older sister Ray’s voice broke the silence that I was enjoying in the empty kitchen. I didn’t even so much as look up as I leaned against the breakfast bar with my coffee.

The cup seemed cool enough, and I brought it up to my lips to take a testing sip before grimacing at the taste. “Don’t know. It’s possible that I might be dreaming, but since you’re here it might be more of a nightmare.” Jerking to the side I managed to avoid the swat to my head by just a few inches, without even spilling the coffee too.

“He’s looking for you.”

I just nodded, saying nothing else, I made my way to the living room, where for some reason I knew my father would be.

I was right. He had been sitting there, Daily Prophet in hand, a pointless silly picture moving around on the front page. His dark black hair was flickered with bits of grey. He was reading, not exactly looking all over for his only son.

“Morning.” Taking the seat right beside him I held out my mug. “Coffee?”

“I don’t drink it.” My fathers voice was dull as he slowly folded his newspaper in two.

I took another sip. “Oh. I figured.”

“So.” Blue eyes identical to mine, stared at me, almost hawk like. “Where have you been?”


“In Scotland?” It was a loaded question, that much I knew.

“Not unless Egypt has a city named Scotland. Which I’m almost certain it doesn’t. It does happen to have a town named Zagazig however so I bet there has to be some confused people around there. I’d be confused if I lived in a town called Zagazig. They said that Marius Black moved there.” The man had been a squib, so he had to live a confused life in Zagazig.

It was silent for a few more minutes, and I knew why. I had said so much, and yet nothing at all.

“Care to spit out more pieces of useless information?”

My brows came together. “Oh no, that’s quite alright, I wasn’t a Ravenclaw you see, I can control myself.” I wanted to tell him that the information was probably not useless to the people who lived in Zagazig, but the fact would be wasted on that man.

“I thought you worked at that Muggle place”

“Hmm.” I leaned forward lowering my voice just a bit. “Most people call it a library.”

He ignored it, or just me in general. It was something he did often. “They let you have more time off?”

I just shrugged. “I wasn’t really needed so I didn’t go in. When I went to Germany last week it was all good.”

“And Korea the month before.”

Actually it was Japan and that didn’t really count because I didn’t spend more than a day there with that one girl.” Shame. “Think I should go to Korea? North or South?” I took another sip of my coffee. The taste was oddly starting to grow on me.

“Neither.” He stared at him, blue eyes digging into mine like daggers. “You should stay here.”

“Aw, never knew you missed me so much to-” I started.

“Don’t be ridiculous Everett. I mean in Scotland. Or even England. Enough travelling.”

“When I travel I learn. Books can teach me a lot but when I trav-”

“And what is the point of it Everett?” He stood up quickly, staring down at me.

I took another sip. “You know, If you’re trying to make sure I do something amazing to spread the Scabior name I don’t think it will work. It’s Muggle you know, not directly but like three generations before you. I’m sure you know.” I leaned back in the chair. “The most famous Scabior was…hm…wasn’t he that one who helped capture Muggleborns with a group of other men? Called themselves Snatchers?-Oh but you know that since that was your uncle righ-”

The cup exploded in my hand, sending the hot coffee and broken pieces everywhere. I expected it was done out of anger, but when I blinked, wiping the scolding drops from my face I noticed my fathers wand.

“Should have poured it all over you.” His voice was strong, yet strangely quite. “Now listen. You received six NEWTs. That was two years ago. You didn’t go to university. I didn’t force you. You didn’t want to get a job in our world and I didn’t force you either. I’m not going to force you now.” He pocketed his wand. “I don’t know what you’ve been doing on these trips, but they really don’t seem to be any benefit to you.”


“-They aren’t. Why don’t you do something. Actually go out and do something. Something meaningful. Something that will make a difference to you or someone else, and if not then perhaps we need to glue your mouth shut since you are starting to get on my nerves. You are no idiot, and there’s no reason for you to act like one.”

I blinked, before slowly opening my mouth once more. “There’s coffee on my lap.”

“Good. You’re too bitter already, you don’t need to drink that.” He left the room before anything else could be said.

His quick leave was probably why I applied for the Magical Law Enforcement the next day.


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