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It's All About the (Way Of) Balancing
By Roxanne Carter

When I was nineteen, I wasn't even thinking of my future career. Nope, like others my age, I was just focused on getting through university in one piece. And while having as much fun as possible. That wasn't too much to ask, I thought. Key word there is thought.

While I did manage to balance the grades and the fun, it came at a price. Sleep. I was getting very little to none of it. I thought that guzzling coffee and energy potions was a good substitute. Wrong. One day, all the sleeplessness caught up with me and I passed out. Right during one of my classes. During one of the most important tests of the year. One that would decide whether I would pass or fail the class.

As I woke up in the hospital, tubes running in all directions (and having failed that rather important test), I realized that the incident was my wake up call. It wasn't that I couldn't have that balance of grades and fun, no. It was just that my way of balancing them sucked. Really sucked. So, after trying (and failing) a few more times, I managed to find a way that did work. And still does to this very day.
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