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••○•○•○ 11. HISTORY OF MAGIC ○•○•○••


When was Binns gonna finish his droning? Draco wondered.

Bored, Draco pulled out a piece of spare parchment, quill, and ink from his bag. And began doodling. Eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair, face... face like.. Merlins! Hermione!

Psst!” I whispered, “Malfoy, you’re supposed to hate Granger!

Draco gasped and then glared at me. “Its all YOUR fault!” he said pointing fingers at me.

ME?” I glared back.

"Yep! YOU! You made me fancy Herm... the-that Granger!"

"Stop it you two" came a voice. Hermione's. "FYI, Its History of Magic class... not History of Love Story class!"

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