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Originally Posted by PotterHeadforLife View Post
Dianna was on her way to get some coffee when she saw a guy at the Visitors' Section. She went there.

"Hello there, Sir," Dianna said, smiling and trying to make the guy feel like home. "I'm Dianna Hudson, PART urgent response Officer. Did you need anything?
"Um--Uh," Ethan stammered. Sound official! he scorned himself. "Well," he started, "It's my first day on Maintenance. Inwas just wondering if you guys needed anything..... maintained." He stood there looking up at the woman. Kindness radiated from her, and Ethan began to feel more comfortable. He hated taking to authority figures, he always managed to embarrass himself, but this woman was making it easy. Ethan hoped she kept up whatever she was doing, otherwise he might just lose the ability to speak and simply walk back over to the lift and leave the Ministry...
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