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Originally Posted by Macavity View Post
Ah...a new employee.

"Well let me be one to welcome you to the department," Gavin remarked playing welcome wizard sort of. "Gavin McNally from the Obliviator Division as well as department liaison," he introduced himself. It seemed he went from working at the division with a long name to just having a long list of titles himself.

"Not sure I can help you with finding out your title, thats more for our department head whose been in and out of the office recently. But I can at least show you to your work area," he added truthfully as he turned and walked to the door opening it for her and holding it open.

"After you."

ooc:you can post first in work area
" Oh, great sounds good" she said as she walked throught the door "My name is Imogine Nepman" she introduced. And walked into the work area. Maybe she would go seek out the department head after getting a tour of the workplace.
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