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Originally Posted by Furienna View Post
Ah, I had forgotten about the first part of that conservation. I have to repeat though, that the hat didn't really say, that Harry should be in Slytherin, but rather that that house would help him achieve greatness. (And at that time, Harry was concerned about not being as good at magic as kids, who had been born into the magic world.) So I also have started thinking, that the horcrux thing wasn't that important after all. But I think Harry eventually would have been sorted into Gryffindor anyway, even if he hadn't specifically asked to not be sorted into Slytherin.
I agree that Harry if a Gryffindor. I stated before that I would have put him in Gryffindor if I were the Hat. Harry has all the good qualities of Gryffindor, and the Sword did come to him. But I also think that he was very close to being put in Slytherin. The whole question which this thread is about is a question worthy to be examined because it is possible that he would have been in Slytherin. He would still be Harry, that's what I'm saying.

[QUOTE=I wonder if the hat doesn't have different reasons for putting different people into certain houses. For many people, if not most people, it will of course have to do with their personality. But there also has to be those, who are on the boarder line between different houses, and in such cases, they might be sorted into a certain house just because of family traditions. For example, neither Percy Weasley or Peter Pettigrew seemed to a typical Gryffindors, and yet, they were sorted into that house.[/QUOTE]

I agree. Percy seems to be a Slytherin, simply because he was ambitious to the extremem. Wormtail, on the other hand, is harder. Although Gryffindor would be the last place he should be in. Maybe his parents were brave. I agree with you on this one.
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