Thread: Speculation & Theory: How loyal are the movies to the books?
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Originally Posted by Slytherin's Talon View Post
I have long considered this to be the most loyal of the Potter films and I still do think that. While Deathly Hallows was able to include a whole lot more than others, the added deaths and the lack of Wormtails death would probably put COS ahead.
I mean, think about it: All the elements were included except one. Aragog, Moaning Myrtle, the Minister, the term Mudblood, the messages on the wall, Ginny's attraction to Harry, everything. True, the list of attacks were not exactly as they were in the book, but most were still in. The only element that wasn't in was the deathday party. Everything just seemed really fleshed out.

I agree, but you also have to look it that way: They couldn't really cut out anything because it was all crucial to the plot of the book. And things weren't as "complicated" as for example in Order of the Phoenix!
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