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Originally Posted by HarryPotterQuidditch View Post
"Yes sir. I'm on it." Jordan replied to Mr Vindictus while searching for the two applications that had Dark Magic in the application.

After a few minutes of searching, he found the two that he was looking for and handed it over to Mr Vindictus. "Here you go, Mr. Vindictus." Jordan said while looking at Mr. Vindictus's expression, hoping everything was ok.
Rex took the papers. "Thank you, Xavier," he replied and began reading the applications. Everything looked fine until . . . .

"These are extensions for already existing patents that were due to expire."

He didn't say another word and he flipped to the final page where there was a list of items that would use the patents.


And people say that working in Patents is a boring job.

"Everyone - put your work to one side. We need to find the original patents for these," he announced and held the papers in the air. "They were approved six years ago for seemingly harmless gadgety-type objects - you know, the kind of cheap trinkets that kids love to buy. From what is in these applications, it appears that hexes and jinxes are used."

Rex gave the employees a stern look. "We don't have any time to waste - start looking. I'll be back in a moment to help you."

He quickly left the room.


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