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Originally Posted by Hera View Post
The aching in her chest was slightly intensified as she fought to maintain her upright posture. Really all she wanted to do was curl up and ... well just curl up. But considering Blaise thought she could handle it, she didn't want to disappoint him, or herself. If there was one thing she wanted above anything else, was to be able to prove herself and her worth.

She let out a light laugh, his solution was a wrist holster? As if she hadn't already thought of that. "I know.." She pulled up her sleeve to show him.

Bah! Merlin, Brad had missed a bit. She had barely noticed the blistering scorch mark up the length of her arm, having been too distracted by the gashes in her side.

She jerked down her sleeve again.. she'd deal with it later... she could handle it.

Wondering what other injuries she had to tend to she decided Blaise was probably right, she should head back. She gave him a small smile.
"Yeah... I should get going." The sooner the faced Damien the easier it would be, or at least that was the theory.
Blaise couldn't help but smirk as she showed him her wrist holster. Obviously, she didn't know how to use it properly since she wasn't fast at it with Damien. "Practice it more then. You seem too much like a rookie with it."

He folded his arms and leaned against the closest wall, studying her. She was very indignant, and acted like she knew everything. Which was another thing that he couldn't help but love. She was so stubborn, and he really wasn't. So they definitely balanced each other out, thankfully.

He noticed her burn, and frowned. But she hastily pulled her sleeve down, so he just took note of it for later on and then.

"Leave now before he hunts you down," Blaise said with a chuckle. He pushed himself off of the wall and headed towards the door himself. "I should head out too. Nothing interesting going on. Just need to keep myself occupied."
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