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Originally Posted by Hera View Post
Emily raised an eyebrow sceptically.... had she missed something? She eyed Blaise's pockets.. What did she miss?
"Mmm gee thanks..." she replied, a little bitterly. She wasn't exactly thrilled about having been "beatedn up".
".... I just.... lost.. ... a duel." Merlin that was painful to say. She didn't like admitting her failures. But it was becoming a frequent occurance.

Ignoring the thuding pain around her midsection , Emily out on a brave smile, straightening up her posture a bit- partly to look taller and partly to try and convince Blaise that she was fine and that she could handle it.
"I suspect Damien might want the honours of finishing me off." It was sarcastic, but there was some truth to her comment, he had warned her before she left.
Oh hello moody Emily... you can go back in your cave now.

But then again, after she explained her situation, he probably wouldn't have been too thrilled at the time either. He wanted to act like he cared more than what he could show, but this was work. So, time to be an actor.

"You'll be fine," he said. "Besides, as much as Damien beats you up you can handle it."

His posture never changed - still with the back straight, hands in pockets, head tilted slightly to one side. He studied her without much expression on his face other than that he was being observant. For some reason she straightened herself. Okay, so she was injured. But if she didn't want help right now then he'd just ignore it and pretend like he never saw that.

"Might want to get back soon," he said. "You never know how Damien will be. Oh, and if you get a wrist holster, you'll be able to block his hexes better, I'm sure." Blaise flicked his arm slightly and down came his own wand. He held it up, then took the tip of it with his left hand and shoved it back up his sleeve.
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