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Originally Posted by Macavity View Post
The sight of Ryan's usual smirk was not a good thing as the older man turned towards him putting whatever he had been drinking back in his pocket. The fact that there was another person in the room to see everything that went on between them and law enforcement to boot sent him on edge though he tried his best to keep a practiced cool.

Gavin watched his flatmate carefully for clues as to what his purpose for the visit was, fighting the urge to roll his eyes when Ryan played it off as he himself missed him when they saw each other every day before and after work. He was about to comment when the ex-auror went on to order him to follow along immediately and turning to leave without another word.

"Wait! What?" Gavin exclaimed totally taken back, not by the tone for he was certainly used to it when he wanted him to rush off. But by the fact that here he was right in the middle of a work day and with absolutely no warning of anything when the former Ravenclaw knew he wouldn't do that. "Ryan hold on! What is going on?" he questioned grabbing the man's arm to stop him. I think I deserve to know something as you intend for me to just leave work suddenly."
Of course, it did not escape Ryan's sharp gaze that Gavin looked away from him to some other direction within the room for a little instant. He had been an eagle after all, had not he? He very well knew his friend's eyes went on that Security Officer, probably being uneasy about having a witness. Ryan had to admit though, in a sense Gavin was right. However the man did not think that they had enough time to clear the path before them perfecly enough. Yet, it did not meant he couldn't do anything about it. He preferred to be silent about for now though as obviously his flatmate had more things express.

And Ryan was able to tell it was going to be more dramatical than he needed right now by the way the other man grabbed his arm to make him stop. Ah...well...of course, of course, of course!!! Gavin Dane McNally couldn't leave work unless he is dying, could he? Regarding the man's personality and responsibities Ryan could understand that, nevertheless he was not going to admit it because he needed him!

Glancing back at his friend he gave him a rather dramatic sigh. ''Aren't you breaking my sensitive heart, Gawain. By showing such mistrust to the necessity of my...methods?'' Because Ryan thought he definitely was breaking his a way. Anyhow...sooner or later he was supposed explain a bit of the act to him so he could move on and play the role. Then why not doing it now just when he had asked. Easing his expression a bit, Ryan turned back to face the Level 3 officer.

''Blaise Alexander Carlisle.'' he started almost sounding like he had voiced a random name. Then went on whispering ''A young but experienced security officer. Do you see how he paces around? It tells us that he is very confident with what he is doing. Brave in a sense but mostly relies on his brain under pressure. In general he has a peaceful inside life, a state of soul, except a bit of little problem which will shape his life and carry it to another level once he manages to solve them. They are not easy but not so complicated either. He is eager to deal with them. A good man indeed. A good man. He has a future.''

He had more to tell about the man, however, thinking it already took so much time and that at least Gavin got the general idea about him, Ryan decided that now it was the time to explain a bit of the task ahead. ''You are, hopefully, going to help me to get familiar with someone i need to approach in order to have some progress with my case. This one is...very important. It will affect our future. Everyone's future. So...are you going to join me and shape the future or just stay there and whine?''

So that affect he liked to establish on people...hehe...

''Now move, if you feel like to do so. Move!''

Originally Posted by Meh Reh View Post
Blaise turned around as another man walked in, making sure to not stare at anyone as he observed the room. Yeah, the music was too happy for him, but oh well. To each his own. He walked around with his hands behind his back, tuning out the music and honing in on the conversation that began behind him when another man came in and started speaking to the other.

Finding a reflective surface, he peered into it to look at the two men without actually turning around. That would be rude. He noticed one man had on an MLE badge. The one who was sitting down, with the paper earplugs.

Something about vials? That was odd. He kept that in mind as he continued to look around the area.
Once he gave that last smile to his friend, Gavin, Ryan looked up, eyed the room around and his light blue gaze stopped on the man there. Patrolling man. Security man.

''Mr. Carlisle!'' Ryan exclaimed all in a sudden, so happily and cheerfully as he walked towards the man. He knew the man possibly did not know him but blame Ryan's habit of reading everything in seconds and memorising them later on for this awkward meeting. And on the other hand, which meeting and greeting of Ryan Chambers had been normal, so far? He couldn't remember any and he always trusted his memory.

''Looks like you are...'' taking the job very seriously ''...trying to enjoy your current facilities, don't you? Hopefully i have something great to help you with one of the most troubling problems you have in mind!!!'' Laughing some, Ryan took another little vial full of light yellow liquid out his pocket and put it in the pocket of the other man. ''Here. Consider this a generous gift from a good friend. It will make you have progress with the thing you have in mind.''

Ooooh...yes. It definitely was going to provide him that. It definitely was.

Then giving him a last smile, Ryan moved to walk back to Gavin...only stopping to turn back to man to voice his last words to him ''Don't worry. Your secret will be safe with me. All secrets are safe with me. I used to be an Unspeakable and still do like to carry the duty when it comes to my private life.''


Now...if Gavin was the Level 1 part of this ministry!!!!
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