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Well there is a moment in HBP just before Ron gets poisoned, where he's taken the love potion and he falls behind the back of the chair in slughorns office. That siriusly cracked me up.

and also there are a couple of moments in the very last deathly hallows film where Neville longbottom says to ginny that he's mad about Luna and that he needs to tell her, and the moment where snape is telling all of the students that Harry has been sighted in hogsmede and then Harry steps foward in a school uniform and has an argument with him. Well I can't exactly explain it well but those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing the last film will know what I'm talking about. They're both moments in the film that don't happen in the book, and I think this is because the book is all about Harrys point of view, but the film is about everybodies point of view. If yu know what I mean.

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