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Originally Posted by Lara_the_Firelady View Post

There was the man himself!!

Well...actually it had been a few moments or not yet even this was too long for Ryan so yes it was FINALLY!!!

Adopting that very common cunning smirk of himself which usually hid lots of meanings behind it, the moment he had seen the other man, Ryan drank all the contents of the vial before safely putting it back into his pocket.

Then, Gavin started to...say something. Hehe. Of course, because of the extra cool ear plugs he had made out of that magazine cover made it difficult for him to hear what he was saying yet this man was Ryan Chambers and he had many ways to understand what people meant other than paying attention to voiced words. So, that was no problem. Plus, what could Gawain be saying anyway? He knew him well.

Once, Gavin finished his sentence, Ryan cleared his throat and stood up while taking the magazine cover ear plugs out his ears. ''Alas! If i had known you were missing me that much, i would have visited a bit earlier.'' getting busy with his pockets, he checked the other vials if they were in a good enough condition. Most importantly they had to be cool. At least less then common room temperature.

''I do appreciate the sentiment and concern old friend.'' Though he avoided to mention if that concern was for him or was for the other people around. ''But we have no time for drinks and conversation now. We need to move! So, MOVE!''

And with that sharp last word which sounded like an order, he turned around and made his way to back to the elevators.
The sight of Ryan's usual smirk was not a good thing as the older man turned towards him putting whatever he had been drinking back in his pocket. The fact that there was another person in the room to see everything that went on between them and law enforcement to boot sent him on edge though he tried his best to keep a practiced cool.

Gavin watched his flatmate carefully for clues as to what his purpose for the visit was, fighting the urge to roll his eyes when Ryan played it off as he himself missed him when they saw each other every day before and after work. He was about to comment when the ex-auror went on to order him to follow along immediately and turning to leave without another word.

"Wait! What?" Gavin exclaimed totally taken back, not by the tone for he was certainly used to it when he wanted him to rush off. But by the fact that here he was right in the middle of a work day and with absolutely no warning of anything when the former Ravenclaw knew he wouldn't do that. "Ryan hold on! What is going on?" he questioned grabbing the man's arm to stop him. I think I deserve to know something as you intend for me to just leave work suddenly."
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