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Originally Posted by Lara_the_Firelady View Post
Making his way to there in deep silence and hands in pockets, Ryan finally and quickly arrived to Level Three eyeing this Waiting Area around. Meh. He did not like this place. It looked too comfortable, organized, clean and the music was annoying. Yes, the whole of this place was annoying to his eyes, ears and supposedly to all his senses just like how his back felt when he lazily sat down in one of the armchairs.

Ah...there was someone else here too yet the blond man did not say him a word though he gave him an once over before deciding to do something about this thing they called music. Well...?

Seeing the magazines in the middle, on the coffee table, the man smirked and ripped the front page of a random one of them. Wow, look at this! Pretty lady! Ahem! Whatever. Then tearing it in two pieces he wrinkled them both in two little pieces of good quality paper which he just started to use as ear plugs.

Now, that was better...

Then taking the little veil from the pocket of his jacket, he started to enjoy the liquid inside by sipping it slowly.
Passing from his desk in the Obliviator's division, to the door separating the work area from the visitor's waiting area, the reminiscator pushed the door open before walking through. The glass door closing slowly behind him as Gavin walked closer to his friend just in time to see Ryan sipping on the contents of a vial.

"Please tell me thats just a drink you stored in a vial and not a potion meant to cause trouble," he mused making his presence known. The second option was certainly something he was used to with his friend even in the stricture of the working space of the ministry. At least Ryan was taking it himself and not pouring it in someone's tea this time.
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