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staffed shop Level 3 Reception and Waiting Area (March 2011 - Jan 2013)
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Welcome to the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes.

When you exit the lifts into the foyer, the Reception and waiting area is to your left through some revolving doors that will simply revolve you right back out again if you don't have business here. If you do however, by all means take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs, or matching couch, upholstered in a light green fabric which matches and almost even blends to the pale blue and green patchwork carpeting.

A rug protects the carpet, with accent colours which match the seating and the small cushions which each seat boasts. Directly in front of you is the reception desk where the new receptionist is stationed to direct you to the right place or take any messages as needed. There is no music any more, but there is a tidy stack of journals and magazines - not silly gossip rags, but rather Achievements in Charms and Transfiguration Today and The Daily Prophet and other similar publications. Useful things, but don't attempt to remove them from here or they'll spontaneously roll up and smack you about the head!

The sign on the reception desk is directly in your line of sight- visitors MUST check in and get a pass before heading through into the Department proper. Naturally employees don't need to do this, they have a DMAC badge after all.

To the left of the reception desk is a door that leads to a long corridor, down which you will find the A&C Storage room and a spiral staircase that joins to level 4 (though not many people know about this staircase).

To your right is the Main Work Area & Cubicles, and the Department Head's Office. The rest of the Department can only be accessed by an interior corridor through the Main Work Area.

There is a map on the wall.

OOC: Your character should pass through here before entering the Work Areas and Cubicles. This is where visitors are encouraged to Roleplay! Our receptionist is a GinaMarie Webster (The Doctor). If your character is here to visit with a DMAC employee, you can feel free to post on through to the appropriate area, (just make sure you start by coming through here, pick up a visitors pass, and be willing to accept the consequences if its a restricted area!) Alternatively if you wish to create your own RP, report a magical accident or anything like that, feel free to PM the Department Head and we can try to figure something out for you! If nobody responds to you in due time, please send a PM or VM to one of the active employees!

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