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I think it is pretty amazing how good he turned out. I mean he had an awful childhood, and therefore should have had some type if psychological issues, but he doesn't seem to have any. So here is what I am wondering. Because Harry's childhood was so bad, why does he not suffer from any psychological issues?
I guess not everybody with a bad childhood developes psychological issues, though most people with a background like Harry's would at least need some therapy. I guess he simply was strong enough to not fall into depression over the past. It's not like he didn't have anything else to think about either. I mean, the poor kid couldn't put his foot inside Hogwarts without ending up in some trouble or some mystery. And then, there's that whole "the chosen one" thing. He had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders from a very young age. There was no time for him to dwell on his childhood, when he was fighting Voldemort. Maybe he could have developed issues later in life. I know many people get through their teenage years relatively okay, only to have anxiety or depression break out a few years after that (I was twenty years old myself). But nah, I don't think that happened to Harry. I can only say "go, Harry, go".

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