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NEW READER ALERT!!!! Hello to Penguinlover! Glad to have you aboard! Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it! I am Shannon. I'm 15 years old and...uh my birthday is on Valentine's Day. That is something about me... what abut you? We'd all love to get to know you! Welcome again!

French Witch, hope your English test went alright. English is my best subject...probably is because I speak it... anyway, hope it went well.

Heather! Happy 18th Birthday!!!!!!! I hope it was the best yet!! And good luck on applications! Where are you thinking of going?


Padfoot, you went snorkling in Biology class? Australia rox! lol. Have a great year.

Hey Annie!


Was it possible not to recognize a place, and still feel like you've been there before? That's how Harry felt as he stood in the middle of someone else's brightly lit kitchen. A heavenly aroma wafted through the air from a lone pot on the stove. Harry took in the cluttered counter tops, the tabby cat taking a nap on one of the kitchen chairs, the little high chair, splattered with something that resembled tomato sauce. He flipped through a British Quidditch League calender on the wall in which huge red "Xs" had been seemingly counting off days that went back for months. October, September, August....

Harry walked across the black and white tile towards the next room. Green and blue striped wallpaper wrapped around the walls, photos and magical knickknacks covering them. The warm, inviting glow of the hearth illuminated the room, playing with its shadows across the carpet and sofas. A quaint rocking chair sat by itself in the corner, draped with a tiny blue blanket, and the sight of it made Harry's chest ache inexplicably. It felt homey; the way it felt to walk into the Burrow or the Gryffindor common room. As he took a step forward to inspect the embroidery on the blanket, he heard a murmur to his left.

He turned around, and his heart stopped.

It was Lily Potter.

Lily sat on the floor making faces and silly noises him. But him was him as a baby.

Harry stared at himself, sitting there laughing and clapping delightedly at his mother's silliness. He then turned back to gaze at his mother. She was beautiful; long, auburn hair, gripping, emerald eyes, and a big, bright smile. She loved him, Harry could tell. He could just tell. His chest was so tight, watching a memory he should have remembered. He felt his feet move closer, his eyes glued.

"Mum," he croaked, his mouth very dry.

But Lily ignored him and continued to play with her child.

"Aba aden abaway ya!" baby Harry cried out, his pudgy arms flapping, drool crawling its way down his chin. "Aba aden abaway ya, Mummum!"

"Really?" Lily said, making a very serious face. "That is very interesting!"

Baby Harry gave her a small chuckle and shoved his fist into his mouth, his hands lathered in saliva. Lily laughed herself and kissed the top of his head.

"You're mummy's good boy!"

"Mum," Harry tried again. But again, Lily didn't acknowledge him. "Mum!" he shouted, inches from her beautiful face, angry tears forming. "MUM!"

He reached out to touch her, to feel his mother for the first time, but his clammy hand went right through her like smoke. He choked out a strangled, frustrated cry. Fate or Destiny or God had somehow allowed him this moment, this time. So why couldn't he have it?


Lily turned, but not to his voice. The door had slammed shut so loudly, both Harry's jumped. Harry whipped his head around to see James Potter burst into the room.

He was no longer the arrogant fifteen year old Harry had once seen in Snape's memories. And yet, he wasn't the confident, happy man he had come to know through Sirius and Hagrid's photos. His handsome face was pale, heavy dark bags forming under his blue eyes, and his jet black hair seemed wild, much more perilous than his normal disheveled style. He had a dark, five o'clock shadow along his cheeks and neck, and he was shining with perspiration. His breaths were deep and heavy, his clothes wrinkled, messy, and it was clear he had not had a bath or a nap in days, maybe weeks. But none of that bothered Harry as much as the fear that lurked behind those tired eyes.


Lily surveyed her husband, raw terror replacing the laughter in her eyes. Instinctively, she lifted her small child and wrapped him protectively in her arms.

"James," she breathed. "Not...not him?"

All he could do was nod.

Harry felt his blood chill.

Lily opened her mouth, but whatever she was about to say was forgotten as a loud BANG!, resembling that of a gun shot, sliced through the night air. Someone -- and Harry knew exactly who -- had just Apparated into Godric's Hollow.

"Take Harry, Lily!" James whispered urgently. "Take Harry, and go. I'll hold him off."

"But James," she whispered back, holding her entire world -- James and Harry -- in her arms, "I can't leave you." Her voice shook, her eyes wet.

"Go. I'll be fine."

"But James, it's him. How..."

"I love you, Lily. Even hecan't change that. I'll love you forever."

"I love you, James," she sobbed, James forcing himself out of her grasp. "Oh God. Oh God, James!"

"Go!" James pleaded with her, digging his wand out of his pocket.

"Promise, you'll be okay. Promise me that!" Lily shouted, baby Harry starting to squirm, not liking the tension in the room.

James watched her with sad eyes. "Please, Lily! Go before he comes!"

He took her and kissed her full and urgent on the lips. Harry heard a soft sob escape his mother as James pulled away to give his son a kiss on the head. Then he guided her towards the staircase. Harry watched his mother ascend the staircase and out of sight.

"Apparate!" Harry shouted at his parents. But it was no good.

He and James turned at the sound of the click of the front door, both panting, knowing exactly who was about to enter the threshold.

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